Yay!!! It's gallery delivery day!

Hello everyone!

Thanks again SO much for allowing me to come to your sweet school and photograph your beautiful children!

They did AMAZING for me! Just wait until you see the photos!

Below you will find a link to a quick example video of me walking you through the ordering process, as well as a link to the gallery. Any digital images purchased will be emailed to you immediately after ordering, and all printed orders will be fulfilled by me and delivered to your school within 2-3 weeks after ordering. You have 7 days to place your order. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED WITHIN THIS WINDOW. This helps me, and you, save on print and shipping costs. If anyone has any questions at all you can email me at victorianicolephotog@gmail.com!


Victoria Ybarra


Each student's gallery is password protected for privacy.

The format for passwords are as follows: (First Initial-uppercase)(2-digit birth month)(2-digit birth day)

EXAMPLE: Billy Smith whose birthday is January 1st will have a password of B0101

If you have any issues or questions accessing your gallery, please contact me directly at victorianicolephotog@gmail.com.

*NOTE: If I was presented with siblings for photos together, the sibling photos will be included in the gallery of one of the siblings.

I answer FAQs on gallery viewing and ordering in the video below!

Click the button below to view your child's photos!

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Seasonal family mini sessions are in full swing!